Brewing is a mixture hard work, craft and science and many people get into it because they love the process. Getting your hands dirty, experimenting with ingredients and tweaking recipes, then tasting and sharing the results is a joy.

But it’s only when you set up in business things start to get a little more serious. Friends and family may be forgiving if your beer is not up to scratch but such inconsistencies are rarely tolerated by a paying customer. Especially when your competitor’s beer is available just along the shelf or bar counter.

The business of brewing is intensely competitive and if your brewery is going to stay the course you need to build up a loyal following of regular customers who will search your beer out amongst the myriad of other choices. Branding is, of course, important but well-designed cans, bottles and tap clips are about catching the eye of the first-time customer or helping an existing one recognise your products. It’s the mouth-feel and taste of your beer that will keep drinkers coming back for more. The sensation they get your beer hits their tongue is what transforms the first-time taster into a true convert.

The challenge is to deliver a consistent experience time after time and that requires stringent quality control. Understanding the chemistry behind Brewing is vital to achieving this. But not every Brewery has the funds or the skill sets to set up a laboratory of their own.

That’s where we come in.

Brewlab offers a range of laboratory services from routine analysis such as percentage alcohol, colour analysis, pH and bitterness to a full microbiological hygiene check that will ensure your beer is not showing any sign of contaminants.

We can also provide you with a due diligence package that is custom made for your brewery – your equipment products and brewing schedule. Our team will first undertake a site survey and then use the information gathered to tailor a brewing analysis plan from basic chemical understanding through to advanced genomic microbiological control.

This will give you confidence in the microbiological status of your plant and final products, as well as allowing you to assess brewing consistency in terms of the ABV, pH, colour and bitterness. The parameters that define the flavour of the final products. By comparing the results for the same beers over time will enable you to assess how true to type they are.

The plan also ensures compliance with industry codes of practice such as SIBA, covers HMRC requirements and can be shown to prospective trade clients to demonstrate quality control and brewery standards.

Lack of consistency or poor quality control can lead to disappointed customers and costly product recalls which in turn means lost revenue, damaged reputation and a reduction in market share.

We’re here to help you achieve the quality and consistency you need to succeed.

Learn more about Brewlab’s analysis and watch our Lab Manager Conor McClay discuss the advantages of our approach here.

Or if you wish to enquire, call our laboratory team on +44 (0)191 549 9450.

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